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Complications of Swallowing Problem

Complications of Swallowing Problem

For most of us, swallowing is a basic action that requires minimal effort. But not everyone experiences swallowing this easy. Patients from young kids to senior adults experience a condition called dysphagia or difficulty swallowing. This is different from occasional swallowing issues anyone of us may face. Dysphagia can affect a person’s way of life.
We understand the struggle you are facing. Our speech pathology programs under our Home Health Care in Peabody, Massachusetts addresses a wide variety of patient conditions – including swallowing problems.
It is essential to address persistent swallowing issues. It may be easily dismissed but knowing the complications can encourage your loved one to seek medical help.

  • Choking is a real risk in dysphagia. Food that gets stuck in the airway can block the air completely.
  • Malnutrition and weight loss because of the difficulty in access. The recommended nutrient intake is difficult to achieve if access is limited.
  • Aspiration pneumonia happens when food or beverage enters the airway. Bacteria can also be introduced into the lungs.

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