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Gait Training: Getting Back on Your Feet

Gait Training: Getting Back on Your Feet

Recovering from an accident or a surgery that caused some problems on your lower extremities is not a solo journey. You are not alone in getting better. We help you get back on your feet.

Walking exercises or gait exercises are designed to help you walk again. The cycle includes step, land, roll, and lift. Starting with stepping, then landing on one foot, rolling over the foot, and then lifting off that foot from the ground to continue the cycle.

It may sound easy, but every patient has a different situation. If you are unable to do it as fast as you think you can, you do not need to beat yourself. There are no expectations on the recovery rate of the patient. The best thing that can help the patient is the continued drive to get better no matter what.

For this, our gait exercises are waiting for your enrollment.

Physical Therapy is one of the services you may need from a Home Health Care in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Choose the right care for you. Ideal Health Care Systems, Inc. is home to the reliable Home Health Aide in Massachusetts.

We also extend Skilled Nursing services.

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