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Post-Surgical Care for Seniors


Post-surgery entails serious care and attention, in order to ensure an individual’s fast recovery and healing. They are at risk of serious complications and infections if not given the proper post-surgical care. Here are some post-surgical reminders to remember in order to provide a better care for your loved one:

  • Talk to the doctors and nurses on the items needed for your elderly and purchase these in advance
  • Make a list of all the medications and its schedule of intake and required dosage
  • Clean and prepare your home, at the same time remove any hazards or obstacles to prevent any accidents
  • Monitor their health status from time to time

When your senior loved one has undergone major surgery which affects his or her mobility, physical therapy is a viable and effective alternative. Here, physical therapists will help restore or maintain your physical mobility through therapeutic exercises and re-education of the muscles, among others.

In order to fast track their recovery from surgery, you may also opt for occupational therapy where it will help them readjust to a normal life.

Ideal Health Care Systems, Inc. offers skilled nursing services where your medical needs are assisted according to your care plan. We take pride in our licensed and passionate registered nurses who will work closely with your physician to make sure that the right care and attention is provided to your loved ones.

Further, we also have dedicated home health aides in Massachusetts who will help your seniors in their daily tasks and personal needs. We can also help you with house chores and maintain a safe and clean home for your family members.

To know more of our home healthcare services, you may visit our website, or reach out to us anytime at 781-447-9688.

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